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Book Review #2

Once again thanks to Tome Tender Book Blog for their review of Bitterhold. Be sure to look at the pinned post on my Facebook page for details on how you can win yourself a free iBooks copy of Bitterhold!

Character Spotlight: The NightRoses

The NightRoses


Enter the NightRoses, a team led by the swashbuckling Giovanne Lobo. They share a common distaste for the Eglar Empire, but their loyalty lies with their brethren. Leaving their mercenary dealings in the past they have aligned with Phoenix to promote the Eglar Empire’s downfall.

Ruby: The spunky Pilot of their ship the Ares IX, her eyelids are sewn shut to keep her ocular implants in place allowing her to have complete integration with flight systems.

Vic: The last original member of the NightRoses on the current roster. Vic is an Android with a battle-worn human body who specializes in long distance weaponry and serves as the ships medic.

Edit: A brutal Knelag warrior who wields a massive six-barrel revolving shotgun named Genevieve.

Giovanne: The leader of this band of Mercenaries turned soldiers. Combined with the supernatural traits of his blood sword Aetherius, he is a force to be reckoned with.


Find out more about The NightRoses as they race to stop the Nameless Man and his legion of HellRats from putting the Eglar Empire one step closer to the Aisle of Dominion in Phoenix Rising: Bitterhold.


Happy New Year!

As 2017 winds down and hands over the reigns to the next generation, you may be looking for something new in 2018.


One of the most entertaining and fulfilling things you can aspire to do in 2018 is read! Pickup a book, get cozy with a new series and let that new year checklist complete itself as you reach your goals. If you haven’t already picked up the first book in the Phoenix Rising Saga: Bitterhold, it’s a great way to start the new year right. Not only are you investing in the first book in a series, but you are supporting a local Author in the process.

Book 2 in the Phoenix Rising Series: Shadow of Aetherius is currently in production and will release mid 2018.

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for showing your support by liking my Facebook page. If you have purchased a copy, please leave a review on Amazon to let me and others know what you think.



One more day to enter

The giveaway for a free copy of Bitterhold ends tomorrow! Don’t forget to tag anyone who may be interested in the post to earn an extra entry. I will draw and post the results of the giveaway at 4:00PM CT on December 20th. Be sure to check in on the post, because you might just be the winner!

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Character Spotlight: Wesley Rhead

Wesley Rhead

Sentenced to life in Bitterhold; forced to live for an eternity as the Eglar Empire advances their conquest of the Universe, Wesley Rhead is the longest-serving inmate of Bitterhold. With nearly 200 years since his initial sentencing, Wesley was once a key figure in the Empire. As Solomon became obsessed with uncovering the absolute power known as The Aisle of Dominion, Wesley became aware of the atrocities that followed Solomon’s quest and took action against the Lord Emperor. Wesley defected and started the organization Phoenix to combat Solomon’s advances using non-lethal alternatives to cripple and defeat the Empire.

After backing down from an opportunity to end Solomon and his conquest once and for all, Wesley left Phoenix in attempt to discover a way to stop Solomon without ending his life. He became a hermit wandering the stars in search of anything that could give him the upper-hand. He met a woman, Akindra, and together they create Lily, a genetically perfect human capable of one day doing what Wesley himself, an imperfect being could not do.

Wesley was eventually captured by the Empire and sent to Bitterhold, where he and the other inmates would be thawed out once every ten years for a one-year length term. Pulled in and out of time, Wesley witnesses as he and the galaxy alike are plunged into Chaos.


Find out more about Wesley’s return to Phoenix as he and Decklan attempt to escape the CRC in Phoenix Rising: Bitterhold.

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